Okazaki-lab, Department of Materials Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University


Life at the Laboratory

Daily life

Basically, we are active from 9:30 to 17:00 as core time and also in the evening here:
self-study, research, group meetings on reading papers/books and explaining them,
group discussions, study presentations, group meetings on basic topics,
and sometimes do sports

Weekly life

You can study freely at any time. The official laboratory events are to be held from Monday to Friday. There is no event on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
Some people come to study on weekends and holidays.
There is a regular meeting for all students in every week.
Students can also attend various group study meetings in which they study some papers and explain them:
Physical chemistry (statistical mechanics, etc.), and programming of simulation (practice).
You will also learn the basic knowledge of proteins.

Yearly life

  • One hour study presentations, twice/person/year
  • Two hour topical paper intorductions, twice/person/year
  • 15 min. presentations at group, twice/person/month
  • Indepent discussions as needed
  • (B4) Graduation thesis, (M1)Interim review on Master thesis,
    (M2) Master thesis, (D3)Doctor thesis and presenntation
  • Submission of paper to internantional magazines
  • Conference presentation in autum or spring
  • There is an examination for entering master course in late August. Most of bachelor studennts study hard in order to pass it.
  • There are various sports, trips, and dirink events.

Annual events

April   Welcome party for new members
June  Softball tournament
July  Cheer party for master cource exam.
Sep.  Tired drink party for master cource exam
   Lab. trip
Oct.  Polymers' Cup of Softball
Nov.  Polymers' Cup of Football
    Season of society meetings
Dec.  Year-end party or
Jan.  New Year's party
Feb.  Master thesis presenntation, Interim review
March  Graduation thesis presentation
     Farewell party